by Cyderian Son

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Felix Gehrmann
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Felix Gehrmann A splendid record! Favorite track: Intro: Loving the Stranger.
Daniel Koch
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Daniel Koch What an epic debut! This is modern prog done right. Nice harmonies on display throughout as a bonus. Favorite track: Outro: Letters of Last Words.
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The debut album of Cyderian Son. [R.E:]M.ILY is a concept album loosely inspired by the film "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".


released January 16, 2016

Keenan Williams: Vocals
John Conte: Guitar/Backing Vocals
Mike Giglia: Percussion/Backing Vocals
James Nascimento: Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

*Additional guitars performed by D'Andre Tyre and Joe Bushman

Engineered/Mixed/Produced by D'Andre Tyre at Fenix Studios

Mastered by Jamie King



all rights reserved


Cyderian Son New York, New York

Cyderian Son is a progressive post-hardcore band from the NYC area.
For booking and information, contact cyderianson@gmail.com

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Track Name: Intro: Loving the Stranger
You can't be everything to me
Oh how unsavory
We're quite close enough
Passion will break in
Accept hearts we think we warrant)

See what you want

Loves a,
Loves a burden
Nothing else seems to right
But when lovestruck,
Nothing else seems so right

Who answers
My questioning,
Cause unpaved streets won't docent me home
Shes been so,
Just look at how she flows, but
In searching for my soul, twines burn ashes

But you
Let Go!

Loves a,
Loves a burden
Nothing else seems to right
But when lovestruck,
Nothing else seems so right

This storybook must exist
Love made by mortals, hard affixed
Empty walls, empty soul, empty bed
We will not become the dining dead

You set,
You set out to draw a purpose
And get to thinking,
Later thinking was it worth it
See now I'm asking,
Did it feel good to you?
To be subsumed

And I wish you there,
Till it's over, then tell me was it worth it, when I kissed you there
See now I'll miss you there
With this learning to control

Call god, when feeling our heart is danger, arranger?
New relations, hesitations, elevations, cause we all grow in loving the stranger
Track Name: Montauk in February
She asked how far I'm going
Small talk and conversation
Down by the surf, drew me in
That dress I'd soon come to hate,
Blowing gently in the wind
Approaching me, not uninvited
Connecting through recluse,
Hog tied & neck noosed,
I'll search for a thread loose, but doubt I can run again

Designed reached the line end of my deconstruction
I'm falling in, am I falling in
Am I falling in, am I falling in
I'm falling in, am I falling in
We only
We only love
We only get it when nothing else matters to us

Intimately taking on my plate, like romance existed, a love we already refuse
We joke, we laugh, becoming entranced as every wall becomes a ruse
Our house already falling as it's built but we,
Both would live in these ashes
You are so sure and I am scared,
So I challenger, inpromptu will seek adequacy

Meet me in Montauk
(She whispered) Meet me in Montauk
(She Said)

I longed for this day, and now I am so stunned
One more thought of an old love, cause I'd love to give up
Love to give in
Present binds of fate, bind us like our books
I wish I'd stayed, I wish I'd went, I wish I did a lot of things
So is it the heads who have gathered us both here today,
But I am here alone, or with friends on a beach, on this valentines day
Oh how we could be, or how you want this to end
So what,
Ever is said, I'm in your,
House now
(Lovers awaiting)
With sawn shut lips, you yelling what to say
With your mouth shut, still yelling what to say

Meet me in Montauk
(And she whispered) Meet me in Montauk
(She said) Meet me in in Montauk
(She said) Meet me in Montauk

Lets pretend
Can we stay like this
If just one last time
Let me take this in, as you were
The jolt sent
Through, a stagnant heart
You bring life to me
A reason to keep, on
I've been lost, here
So many times
But I called it liv-ing
And I could not see it
for this, Now
That I've fought through all
Of these tests set forth
Let take this in for one last time

It's like you already know the rest,
And all the rest is here
I swear you already know the rest,
And all the rest is there
Track Name: Dealing, The Peddler
You were a slave in my head
There's a scripture, in the air, reminding
To touch in faith
Your descriptor bares the witness
Taken blindly, oh so tightly, you were, but now

Sink In

For, you, my, dear, this, gift,
Bet you won't see this around
She's been working it off
She's been working it off
She's been working it off

Take in thee
Just the body was to much
But all wasn't to much, so I'm
Back just enough
From true faith

To stay the night in thy mind
To lie thy head to rest in the twines of passion

I am a slave in your head
Here the fixture,
Just in a glare reminding
Lush in faith
With description but a whisper
Taken blindly, but oh so tightly, you are now

Sink in

In twines of passion
Will you buy in
(I can)
Dealing so sly
Told young it's not wrong
Do you feel right, take
Everything away, but the moments
Tough, vague, good, true
In heart and mind,
Well what's it to you

I won't take back on this gift
We know we're destined for... But
With every wish, with every kiss you're only destined to imagine love,
Without every sale that you take

Be our transcendence
Succumbed by need
Succumbed by greed

O I want but if you hold her
O what does it mean when legit's to be straight

The lines of commune, collective normalcy
Poise in stray procedure
Shed light on the sop, Dealing won't you come clean
Nothing is refused
Nothings ever true
Nothing is authentic when we only lead the lives we say we do
So come away where,
Bad memories aren't invited
Where what's required is your you

But is this not selling too

O would you give me something
You won't even have to know the buy
You won't even have to know to buy

For, u, my, dear, this, gift
Bet you won't see this around
She's been working it off
She's been working it off
She's been working it off
Like I'm weightless in mid air,
And I can't identify what's up or down

After Chorus: (Screams)
My mouth is at the bottom of my feet
And my eyes spin in the clouds
Sick in
To stay the night in thy
Heart & mind
It is all but time

(Repeated until end of vocals- What)
(2x) In lacking for words not to like it, I'll buy in to save in
Lacking for words not buy it, how could I pretend, let you, in
Stay for the time
Track Name: Blind Devotion
So far from attention
Honest journey
I'll be your savior
Construct upon broken things
So far from attention
You pace endless but are free to leave
I'll be your savior, or quickly fade away
To the temple
It's all rewinding
Your palms feel cold
I feel the tigress consuming my cloths, so close

Through commitment
Lovers tested through giving in
Jealousy rivals laughter, and true happiness
One eye always wanders
Cause I won't face what's inside of myself
Hopeless satisfaction, names this modern romantic
Posting highlights of love once blossomed
How can you love what can't love itself
How can you love what can't love
How can I love you
Track Name: UltraViolet
Deeper griefs this fountain keeps, drink freely, you submerse
Innate nourishing duties, and such desired thirst'
Request, can a stable base lean on your love first
And with copper in water what is this worth

Phantasmagory, for you
Hey now, stark lucidity

Intangible structures made into structured earth
Shift undulate we echo deluge our toxic firth
You tell me what's this mystery you swear is real
Cause I'm addressing my mind and I still feel naked in these fields

(Waking) Phantasmagory, por tu (Animosity)
Hey now, stark lucidity (Animal killing)

We played like children who longed to feel
Then find our shields, at the water, where queen, your heart I would steal,
They said, life's waiting, but I'm waiting for my reel, gone fishing again,
And still I hunger for a meal
But can't we pretend with these cards at our heel
If this is just a game, then why do we deal
Cause we deal
But I'm dying for less, so don't get so personal
The sun in my sights for such starving eyes
She's screaming it's the barest spirit, can you feel it

Your rays will burn my naked eye
But we will rise
What have we got


I apologize for all the cloudy rides I let you see me
You see me
I apologize for all the time I'd buy, I let you see me
You see me
And I see myself, through you
Track Name: Follow The Fruit Trail
When December spends then you know it shall be great upon the end
Kiss, we'll joke another shot
But you know we're not, for nothing else is sure
Cause the anchor on my heart can hold no more
Time capsizes all repeat again

It's the sky that's dark
As the apple falls from a tree the starves of regal
Bet you won't die again
No she won't,
As the full moon harps at the tree that starves, it's broken, vapid, feeble
My friend
Bet you won't try again, die again


Now the vines that start to retract their bark, set their new mark, retrieval
But they won't die my friend
No he won't
But each recalls its lost, and a leaf remains a quotation mark, "... primeval,
But you won't lie again, let it die again

No, looming flash to hold
Shifty missy, isn't it
Love me baby, love me whole
As if I could not want too

The apple, it leads to her heart
The apple, it leads to her heart

Paying my penance
For my sins
Sit and watch the world burn no chagrin
Ironic Emily,
Screaming I'm your man
Now you can turn your back
Love, but don't pretend

In such environment
Building foundation, our nature, tests through elements duration
Shaded through discomfort
Lean on me
Reaching up to thwart starvation
I am the air you breath
This just won't work
Because we branch out all too weak
Our roots, our roots
What have we got, What have we got

Our roots as strong as us
Not what we pretend to be,
Magnus Sumor Arbor Malo,
Child of great sumak
Drink the waters of respite
Mend these cracks

We tried this once before,
Thought we fought for we wanted
But we wanted was in store
Can you shine through if you're listening
We can't get through in this darkness,
But in darkness we're reborn

For the apple, it leads to her heart
We must recall our roots
Track Name: No Harm No Foul
Struggling find, to my light
Where I can see, your eyes
I've been there
I've done that
Should I go? Well don't you know
You were taken
Now you've taken
What you hate

Something special for my life
Something that makes it right
You just weren't enough for
My selfish taste, now go away
Inexcusable how you could ever leave me
Down here, reflecting bottom bottle
"You said nothing changed"
What a joke, the truth don't set you free

You would never know,
You're not mine,
So wait another day
Oh you were a saint
You would never show,
You're not mine
You're prayin on the, weak
You are a saint

Tell me to take it slow
Tell me what you want to hear
Tell me what you want to know
Tell me how this is the way to go
Tell me this love songs a tangent
Tell me all that contradicts
I'll tell you that our time is spent
That we've seen beyond the eyes lament

At moments I lie
With masked faces sharing truth
Intruder, you are
Stayed, in fashion over, due

You would never know,
You're not mine
"Let's wait another day"
You were a saint
And you would never show,
You're not mine
Prayin on the, weak
You are a saint

Thought I'd be fighting for you stay
Well expect me the exception
Chipping away
We were chipping a way

This feeling all seemed questionable
It's touched, it's kissed, it's tolled
Sincerly I've considered
Love has changed our mold
This feeling isn't mutual?
I won't stop, go
(Can't you see)
Our good times will outlast our woe's, but separate we are whole

I've lost entire human weight
And I'll never find it
It seems today
I'm lost and tired you've been weight
You were my fit
It seems to me

Well it was scripture, babe where we stand,
You already knew how this would [end]
Raf, please one more time
Right more one more rhyme

It's been so long
Well so long
You'll be in my head
But again time will spend
Track Name: Outro: Letters of Last Words
On what now seems such distant ships
Love muttered through softest lips,
Her breath precious like finest gold
Only secrets behold such untold,
And you were not there
So when she opened up her door
I let her ocean spill and pour
Lets replay,
Said she already knows, that this dam's already broke
Said she wants to just leave this there
In open air, sailed care
I said she's no were to be found

But in dreams, we're bold
Cause we are not aware
In dreams, we're whole
But we are not aware
We are not aware,

Sea sick, why was I so discontent
You mean how you left me here for dead,
Maybe this was early therefore
I won't play no games, I won't
try new things, you left me here for dead
And what did she say,
Oh I learned love anyway
In giving everything,
Nothing closed,
Your still my beautiful
Tears through inkwells
See we don't have to speak in such poetry,
But we reject our past through these openings

Maybe you and me could just turn back the clock and never meet,
Let's pretend
But we can't be friends
Maybe you and me could just never meet, never speak, let's pretend
But we won't be friends

In dreams, we're bold
Cause we are not aware
In dreams, we're whole
But we are not aware
We're not aware

Only I wish that I could just shift into this house of dilapidation
But some of us don't have heart like you
See you throw chairs from windows
And yes I do burn bridges too
But our twines are poorly coiled
And it's far to late to return
You hold strong and fear no fire, no collapse
Well I fear all of that, and what I have earned
Her words,
Not mine

So you will be you who you will be, I will be me
An equation non divisible by man,
A motion in moments,
In death, longing for you,
So we'll have goodbyes to say hello
Again in a constant entangled loop
Love, bitter sweetly taken, but not earned
Surely missing the moment you fell, I'll miss the love I learned
But then how could we reach understanding with hearts caged in safety and words shooting holes between our lips like turrets unfairly placed to protect our walls of self awareness?
O love,
O reciprocation

Soul open, eyes closed, all for you
Selfish be my clinch to a memory,
Your everything
As for our love?

In time it may fade,
But will never die
So I'll wait,
I'll wait for the day where eyes link chains in search for where eternity went,
When desire conquers I once more, lost
Deep, deep in those caverns
But I'll find it,
I already have

Love yourself in loving another
Forever loving the stranger
But blind devotion gets you nowhere

Through revealing the other, we too reveal the self
The stranger and the self, one and the same
And the other only an extension in the existence of self
Track Name: In Dealing With Queens
Who's your neighbor, and
What did he say to you to, make you so triumphant
Yes you've been triumphant
Cause you got another guy
And he's feeling you tonight,
But you keep from her, how you're living with this
And then you wait for her to surely dismiss it

Cause you had to prove that
But you know there's something always there
O beautiful addiction where have you gone
And I wanna fight again for
But I'm weak
To a barter,
Now who's the sheep
To your slaughter

This shit gets stuck among my consciousness,
Hoped it'd let me abide by life's rhythm,
Safely guide my steps and then,
I thought it'd keep me stable,
And steady on my feet
But when I let you see it broke the dream

Whose your school friend, and
What did he say to you, to make you so almighty
Cause you're the almighty
Let me guess, he called you brilliant and special, the works
(He said, he loves you, he needs you, it hurts}
But tell me who needs who the worst
Cause all we do is hide from ourselves
Cause all we do is hide from ourselves
All we do is hide

In New Years Dawn you too proposed
It won't be long before you go
Now could you be the one that I adore

And we have to prove that
But you know there's something always there,
Well he's gorgeous
Oh and he speaks 3 languages too

I wanna fight again for you
And you're feeling that your king's ignored his muse
I'm gonna fight again for you
But I would conquer any land to show the truth

As you slept
I'm gonna fight again for you
Late conversations on the phone with who?
Just let me fight again for you
Is he more charming cause he's so brand new?
I wanna fight again for you
She said she's dealing, but she's feeling quite bored, rebuke
Track Name: Romantic Heroes
And we will step to this beat
Heroes of romance we'll be
Sway blind
When I figure out this penance
All goes still with just one look
The dance is slow and viable at first glance
Until we utter to it's romance

Not knowing where to go
And not knowing how to get there
And not knowing who you are, when knowing who you met there
Precision in a mystery
Exact creation in a womb
We'll motion in such passing cease, to
Never fall alone

In a notion forever, but forever will never come
So leave it never, never-long forever one
And I will make it to you

Mind-less, mind saved without
Without you
Without you now
Mind-blessed, mind stained without you
Without you
Without you now

Studied imperfections
Such a perfect place
Addicted to affections
Religious to your grace
But how far is your longing
How hard that love
Hearts turning simple corners,
Only succumbing to our drug

The keeper became
The one betrays his line
Unwrap, your mine
Is said as he's already lost
The keeper is king
The one that betray your mind
Unwrap, your mine
I stay beside

These letters found their home in,
Repetitious words
Only further stating truths,
In adoration
So lost in this,
We can
Deconstruct this world,
Upon adulation

Step in the cage
Come face your villain
Let's break these restraints
I will prevail
As you let out your roar
I will smite you again
But this time it's straight to the heart

Our passions an ocean and we drown together in the most, beautiful suffering
In the most content chaos,
Taken in every, way I touch her I'm inspired enough again,
Enough again
I am inspired by her touch enough again
Love again
Stop dancing then
These movements are overrated

Mind-less, mind saved without
You, ohh
Without you
Without you now
Mind-blessed, mind stained without you, ohh
Without you
Without you now

And we will step to this beat
Heroes of romance we'll be
Sway blind
When I figure out this penance
All goes still with just one look
The dance is slow and viable at first glance
Until we utter to it's romance