Dealing, The Peddler

from by Cyderian Son



You were a slave in my head
There's a scripture, in the air, reminding
To touch in faith
Your descriptor bares the witness
Taken blindly, oh so tightly, you were, but now

Sink In

For, you, my, dear, this, gift,
Bet you won't see this around
She's been working it off
She's been working it off
She's been working it off

Take in thee
Just the body was to much
But all wasn't to much, so I'm
Back just enough
From true faith

To stay the night in thy mind
To lie thy head to rest in the twines of passion

I am a slave in your head
Here the fixture,
Just in a glare reminding
Lush in faith
With description but a whisper
Taken blindly, but oh so tightly, you are now

Sink in

In twines of passion
Will you buy in
(I can)
Dealing so sly
Told young it's not wrong
Do you feel right, take
Everything away, but the moments
Tough, vague, good, true
In heart and mind,
Well what's it to you

I won't take back on this gift
We know we're destined for... But
With every wish, with every kiss you're only destined to imagine love,
Without every sale that you take

Be our transcendence
Succumbed by need
Succumbed by greed

O I want but if you hold her
O what does it mean when legit's to be straight

The lines of commune, collective normalcy
Poise in stray procedure
Shed light on the sop, Dealing won't you come clean
Nothing is refused
Nothings ever true
Nothing is authentic when we only lead the lives we say we do
So come away where,
Bad memories aren't invited
Where what's required is your you

But is this not selling too

O would you give me something
You won't even have to know the buy
You won't even have to know to buy

For, u, my, dear, this, gift
Bet you won't see this around
She's been working it off
She's been working it off
She's been working it off
Like I'm weightless in mid air,
And I can't identify what's up or down

After Chorus: (Screams)
My mouth is at the bottom of my feet
And my eyes spin in the clouds
Sick in
To stay the night in thy
Heart & mind
It is all but time

(Repeated until end of vocals- What)
(2x) In lacking for words not to like it, I'll buy in to save in
Lacking for words not buy it, how could I pretend, let you, in
Stay for the time


from [R​.​E​:​]​M​.​ILY, released January 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Cyderian Son New York, New York

Cyderian Son is a progressive post-hardcore band from the NYC area.
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