Montauk in February

from by Cyderian Son



She asked how far I'm going
Small talk and conversation
Down by the surf, drew me in
That dress I'd soon come to hate,
Blowing gently in the wind
Approaching me, not uninvited
Connecting through recluse,
Hog tied & neck noosed,
I'll search for a thread loose, but doubt I can run again

Designed reached the line end of my deconstruction
I'm falling in, am I falling in
Am I falling in, am I falling in
I'm falling in, am I falling in
We only
We only love
We only get it when nothing else matters to us

Intimately taking on my plate, like romance existed, a love we already refuse
We joke, we laugh, becoming entranced as every wall becomes a ruse
Our house already falling as it's built but we,
Both would live in these ashes
You are so sure and I am scared,
So I challenger, inpromptu will seek adequacy

Meet me in Montauk
(She whispered) Meet me in Montauk
(She Said)

I longed for this day, and now I am so stunned
One more thought of an old love, cause I'd love to give up
Love to give in
Present binds of fate, bind us like our books
I wish I'd stayed, I wish I'd went, I wish I did a lot of things
So is it the heads who have gathered us both here today,
But I am here alone, or with friends on a beach, on this valentines day
Oh how we could be, or how you want this to end
So what,
Ever is said, I'm in your,
House now
(Lovers awaiting)
With sawn shut lips, you yelling what to say
With your mouth shut, still yelling what to say

Meet me in Montauk
(And she whispered) Meet me in Montauk
(She said) Meet me in in Montauk
(She said) Meet me in Montauk

Lets pretend
Can we stay like this
If just one last time
Let me take this in, as you were
The jolt sent
Through, a stagnant heart
You bring life to me
A reason to keep, on
I've been lost, here
So many times
But I called it liv-ing
And I could not see it
for this, Now
That I've fought through all
Of these tests set forth
Let take this in for one last time

It's like you already know the rest,
And all the rest is here
I swear you already know the rest,
And all the rest is there


from [R​.​E​:​]​M​.​ILY, released January 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Cyderian Son New York, New York

Cyderian Son is a progressive post-hardcore band from the NYC area.
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