Struggling find, to my light
Where I can see, your eyes
I've been there
I've done that
Should I go? Well don't you know
You were taken
Now you've taken
What you hate

Something special for my life
Something that makes it right
You just weren't enough for
My selfish taste, now go away
Inexcusable how you could ever leave me
Down here, reflecting bottom bottle
"You said nothing changed"
What a joke, the truth don't set you free

You would never know,
You're not mine,
So wait another day
Oh you were a saint
You would never show,
You're not mine
You're prayin on the, weak
You are a saint

Tell me to take it slow
Tell me what you want to hear
Tell me what you want to know
Tell me how this is the way to go
Tell me this love songs a tangent
Tell me all that contradicts
I'll tell you that our time is spent
That we've seen beyond the eyes lament

At moments I lie
With masked faces sharing truth
Intruder, you are
Stayed, in fashion over, due

You would never know,
You're not mine
"Let's wait another day"
You were a saint
And you would never show,
You're not mine
Prayin on the, weak
You are a saint

Thought I'd be fighting for you stay
Well expect me the exception
Chipping away
We were chipping a way

This feeling all seemed questionable
It's touched, it's kissed, it's tolled
Sincerly I've considered
Love has changed our mold
This feeling isn't mutual?
I won't stop, go
(Can't you see)
Our good times will outlast our woe's, but separate we are whole

I've lost entire human weight
And I'll never find it
It seems today
I'm lost and tired you've been weight
You were my fit
It seems to me

Well it was scripture, babe where we stand,
You already knew how this would [end]
Raf, please one more time
Right more one more rhyme

It's been so long
Well so long
You'll be in my head
But again time will spend


from [R​.​E​:​]​M​.​ILY, released January 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Cyderian Son New York, New York

Cyderian Son is a progressive post-hardcore band from the NYC area.
For booking and information, contact cyderianson@gmail.com

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