Outro: Letters of Last Words

from by Cyderian Son



On what now seems such distant ships
Love muttered through softest lips,
Her breath precious like finest gold
Only secrets behold such untold,
And you were not there
So when she opened up her door
I let her ocean spill and pour
Lets replay,
Said she already knows, that this dam's already broke
Said she wants to just leave this there
In open air, sailed care
I said she's no were to be found

But in dreams, we're bold
Cause we are not aware
In dreams, we're whole
But we are not aware
We are not aware,

Sea sick, why was I so discontent
You mean how you left me here for dead,
Maybe this was early therefore
I won't play no games, I won't
try new things, you left me here for dead
And what did she say,
Oh I learned love anyway
In giving everything,
Nothing closed,
Your still my beautiful
Tears through inkwells
See we don't have to speak in such poetry,
But we reject our past through these openings

Maybe you and me could just turn back the clock and never meet,
Let's pretend
But we can't be friends
Maybe you and me could just never meet, never speak, let's pretend
But we won't be friends

In dreams, we're bold
Cause we are not aware
In dreams, we're whole
But we are not aware
We're not aware

Only I wish that I could just shift into this house of dilapidation
But some of us don't have heart like you
See you throw chairs from windows
And yes I do burn bridges too
But our twines are poorly coiled
And it's far to late to return
You hold strong and fear no fire, no collapse
Well I fear all of that, and what I have earned
Her words,
Not mine

So you will be you who you will be, I will be me
An equation non divisible by man,
A motion in moments,
In death, longing for you,
So we'll have goodbyes to say hello
Again in a constant entangled loop
Love, bitter sweetly taken, but not earned
Surely missing the moment you fell, I'll miss the love I learned
But then how could we reach understanding with hearts caged in safety and words shooting holes between our lips like turrets unfairly placed to protect our walls of self awareness?
O love,
O reciprocation

Soul open, eyes closed, all for you
Selfish be my clinch to a memory,
Your everything
As for our love?

In time it may fade,
But will never die
So I'll wait,
I'll wait for the day where eyes link chains in search for where eternity went,
When desire conquers I once more, lost
Deep, deep in those caverns
But I'll find it,
I already have

Love yourself in loving another
Forever loving the stranger
But blind devotion gets you nowhere

Through revealing the other, we too reveal the self
The stranger and the self, one and the same
And the other only an extension in the existence of self


from [R​.​E​:​]​M​.​ILY, released January 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Cyderian Son New York, New York

Cyderian Son is a progressive post-hardcore band from the NYC area.
For booking and information, contact cyderianson@gmail.com

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